About Me

Brian Foxworth was born to tell stories. Starting as an actor in 5th grade, Brian used fiction to bridge turmoil and his creative mind and ultimately realized his passion for storytelling could not be contained. Brian received an undergraduate degree in theater, believing acting was his calling until he looked behind a camera for the first time. It was then he realized his true purpose was to make a story come to life from page to production. After forming FoxFury Film LLC. in 2009, Brian used the business to develop his original work and client stories by using guerilla techniques merged with professional practices. Brian has touched nearly every aspect of production from pre to post, but his main drive is to write and produce amazing stories that entertain and tell the human experience from normal to the supernatural. With a belief that nothing is given without hard work and strategic planning, Brian graduated from American University with an MA in Producing, sold his house in Baltimore, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his life’s dream. With 9 years of experience in creating amazing productions from pre-concept to delivery, Brian is ready to bring his passion, attitude, and energy to every project, no matter the challenge.

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“The Pendant”
AFS Productions
A crooked couple steal a priceless pendant, but greed may soon cause one to advance “death do us part”.
“Six” Teaser
A man struggling to escape the abusive past of his mother meets a woman who helps him through the world of art.
Struggling financially, Myra gets a lucrative offer from the most unlikely of people that test her faith and morals.